With services ranging from voiceover recording to full-scale analog tracking and mixing it’s hard to pin down an across the board flat rate. Here’s what’s probably going to happen: I’m going to make about $50/hr depending on the needs of the project.

And here’s what I like about that:

I can help you enhance and complete your project within a budget that works for both of us. Maybe you just need someone with an experienced ear and some gear know-how to finish off a 5 minute sketch you’ll be uploading to YouTube. In that case it shouldn’t take more than a half-hour to tighten up the sound a little bit with some EQ and make sure the levels aren’t all over the place (which doesn’t just mean riding the volume up and down, guys; see #compression #limiting). $25 and you’re ready for the internet trolls.

Maybe you’re a singer that wants to demo your talent but are trapped in a world of AWFUL karaoke tracks. Let me know what song you’d like to do and I’ll put together a smokin’ version of it that you then track vocals over. It might be $200-300 by the time you get outta here but you’ll sound great and have a demo to audition with that sounds like you’re in the band and not just singing along.

Or maybe you’ve recorded an album of material at home and want to mix it with a professional. You want to get into voiceover work but need a reel. Your documentary is shot but the sound changes significantly from scene to scene and the deadline for Sundance is a week away. Whatever it is, I want you to get the most out of what you’ve worked on. And I want you to pay me for it so I can pay my rent.

Which reminds me – I have a dog and the studio is in my apartment. So if you’re allergic to dogs or it’s weird that my roommate is watching Guy Fieri you’ll either need to send me your material via the information superhighway world wide web net or go back to Yelp* and click on the next studio.