Monthly Archives — "June 2014"

NYC Q&A Interviews

Did sound for a series of “man on the street” interviews around NYC today for a TV sizzle reel. Covered a lot of ground; Soho, East Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Brooklyn Bridge… Will post actual footage when I’m cleared to do so.

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Gear +1 – RMS216 FOLCROM Passive Summing Device

Added a Roll Music FOLCROM to the arsenal. Here’s info about it if you’re into that kind of thing: The RMS216 FOLCROM is a high quality passive mixer intended for analog summing of multichannel digital mixes. The sound is up to you and your preamps. Each of the Folcrom’s sixteen input channels features a balanced …

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Gear +1 #SM7B

Recently acquired a Shure SM7B and it’s been awesome for voicework and vocals.

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